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instead of permanent.

Temporary channels are the top-notch solution to have a dynamic channel for all your needs and a clean Discord server.

Manageable with an aesthetic interface

Made for every Discord User

The owner of a temporary channel can manage every easily with slash commands or via our aesthetic interface channel.

Customize your temporary channel

Moderate the users in your channel

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Top-notch customizability for any purpose

Made for every Discord Server

Easily configure TempVoice by changing the default name, limit, permissions, language & color of temporary channels with the Dashboard.

Trusted by well known Discord servers

Trusted by Discord Partners

TempVoice is used by thousands of servers and millions of users.

Big Time
Big Time

401,387 Members


82,988 Members

The English Hub

52,446 Members

Rocket League
Rocket League

33.170 Members

Leyendas de SoT
Leyendas de SoT

2,856 Members


3,647 Members

Goldens Squad
Golden's Squad

7,126 Members

Der Stammtisch
Der Stammtisch

6,856 Members


5,894 Members

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your Discord?

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